更多栏目 345188cc新时代赌场环保
            Anhui Guozhen Evironmental Protection and Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.



  345188cc新时代赌场环保将秉承“致力民族水务 改善生态环境”的理念,为社会为人民创造清洁、良好、和谐的生活和工作环境,使公司成为国际一流的水环境综合利用服务商。


       Anhui Guozhen Evironmental Protection and Energy Conservation Technology Co., Ltd.founded in February 1997 with a registered capital of 300 million yuan, Anhui Guozhen Environmental Protection Technology Joint Stock Co., Ltd.(GZEP), now with 2130 employees, is one of the specialized companies in China that first offered integrated solutions in the marketization process of domestic waste water treatment industry, featuring "one-stop six-dimension services". Since its listing in ShenZhen Stock Exchange in 2014(300388), the company has always been committed to the integrated utilization of water resources, and has now formed a full life cycle industry chain ranging from design and R&D, project contracting, equipment R&D and integration, operation management as well as investment and financing of municipal and industrial waste water treatment, upgrading and reconstruction of near IV water, as well as small town sewage and minor drainage basin treatment.

        At present, the company has over 100 waste water treatment plants all over China, with a treatment capacity of over 4 million tons per day. Its typical projects include Hefei Qingxi Water Treatment Plant, Hefei Chaohu River DBO, the Reclaimed Water Pilot Project of Changsha Xianghu Lake Waste Water Treatment Plant and Qingdao Li County River Waste Water Treatment Project, etc.

         As one of the first batch of innovation-oriented companies, the company has hosted and participated in four research subjects of China’s 863 Program (National High-tech Research and Development Program) and two research subjects of China’s National Key Technology R&D Program, and has won twice the Second National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology. Besides, It has also hosted and participated in compiling thirteen national and industrial standards, and owns 47 patented technology, among which 21 are patents for invention.

         GZEP will be adhering to the principle of “Improving the ecological environment by devoting ourselves to the national water industry”, and create for the society and people a clean, good and harmonious living and working condition, while in the meantime become a highly-ranked international service provider of comprehensive utilization of water environment.


Web site:  http://www.gzep.com.cn